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Philadelphia dog walking at its most patriotic!

Philadelphia dog walking at its most patriotic! Serving Rittenhouse, Fitler Square and Graduate Hopistal areas.

About your walkers



AJ and Molly are the brother/sister duo you want walking your pup!

Their dog walking origin stories vary, but their Midwest roots let you know they're caring and hardworking.  They hail from Omaha, NE.  Read on to learn more about your new favorite Pet Pros.


With 7 years experience and over 10,000 walks (Phew!) in the Philadelphia area you can rest easy knowing your pup is in safe hands. Whether headed out in rain, snow or (fingers crossed) a beautiful spring day, he and your pup wil always find fun and interesting things to see and do.

AJ moved moved to Philly in 2009 to earn his MFA from the University of the Arts. He quickly fell for the city and decided this was home. As a lifelong pet person he also found his calling here by combining a love of pups with a desire to be outdoors, thus discovering his career as a Dog Walker. He wakes each morning with a smile as he looks forward to a day spent with his friends (cheesy, but true!).



A former auditor and accountant who decided to take a chance on life abroad.  She taught English in Thailand while exploring many of the neighboring countries.  Thailand has a large stray dog population and she enjoyed spending time caring for the pups in her area and making friends with local dogs everywhere she went.  When her school year was up, it was crunch time and AJ convinced her to move to Philadelphia to try out the pet care life.  After only a month, she was hooked.  Now she has a year under her belt and she's working hard to catch up with her brother (little sister syndrome!).