American Dogs

Philadelphia dog walking at its most patriotic!

Philadelphia dog walking at its most patriotic! Serving Rittenhouse, Fitler Square and Graduate Hopistal areas.




Snow/Cold: Has the city become a snow globe?  Let's get out into that winter wonderland! When Mr. Freeze drops temps too much, we may cut down our outside time and spend most of the visit as indoor play time!

Rain: We love the rain!  Does your pup?  Some fur babies don't have that rain gene and we get that!  If your babe is in this category, feel free to cancel on rain days or we can shorten our outside time to a quick potty break.  Don't forget to put out a towel so the weather doesn't come indoors!

Heat: When that summer heat skyrockets, we want to make sure your pup is as safe as can be.  We will always keep your pup's health as our main concern.  We are prepared for water breaks and shortened outside times, if necessary, depending on the preferences of each pup!

City Emergencies: We may reduce or cancel walks based on the severity of the emergency.



Cancellations: Need to cancel a visit? No problem!  You can cancel free of charge at any time up until your pup's scheduled time window for that day :)  Just give us a quick text to let us know you won't be needing our services.

Time Windows: For scheduling purposes, we require a 2 hour time window.  While we will work with you to find an optimal walking time, detours happen and the tail wagging room is appreciated!

Grooming Visits: Is your babe getting pampered at their favorite day spa? We can help! Drop offs and pick ups are available (within walking distance).  We can add this service to the beginning or end of a scheduled walk at no charge!


Pet Health Emergencies: If your pet is under our care when the unthinkable happens, we are able and ready to take your babe to your preferred vet.  We will stay with your pup until you or your emergency care taker becomes available. (Maximum 1 day)

Extended Leaves: Using those vacation days?!  We love taking care of your fur babies while you explore the world!  We have many options available including multiple walks per day, pet sitting, and boarding. For the safety and mental health of your loved ones, we limit our 3 walks per day service to 4 consecutive days.  For extended vacations over 4 days, we can work with you to incorporate pet sitting and boarding services during your time away :)

Dog Training: If you and your pup are working on simple commands or specific walking techniques we are happy to help in continuing that work as we walk; however, we are not dog trainers and behavioral improvements should not be expected from our daily walks.  If your pup needs a trainer, we would love to recommend some great trainers in town! 

LeashTime: We use for our scheduling and billing needs.  This system allows you on-line access to your pup's account and schedule.  It also allows for automatic billing!

Billing: We bill every other Monday.


Additional Fees

Weekend - $4 per visit

Pre-breakfast (before 9:00 am) - $4 per visit

Post-supper (after 7:00 pm) - $4 per visit

Holidays - $10 per visit

Each Additional Pup (walk) - $2 per visit

Each Additional Pup (boarding) - $55 per day

Cat Addition for Scheduled Pup Sitting - Free!


Observed Holidays

New Year's Day

Independence Day


Christmas Eve



*All descriptions are for dogs, but we love all animals!!
Many of our services can be applied to cats, rabbits, you name it!